Digital Advertising is A Game Changer

Posted by Sting Communications on May 21, 2019 in Advertising

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Change is the only constant factor when we talk about time. Communication is no exception. In this century the traditional mediums of communication have experienced a dramatic shift.

A cup of tea and a newspaper…there was a time when this couple was our everyday morning partner. Our day was incomplete without the morning newspaper. Also, we didn’t miss any of the ads in the paper. Even we enjoyed commercials in the middle of cartoon, film or any daily soap’s breaks. Catchy lines, jingles and interesting content got us hooked on the television.

But the scenario is changing rapidly in this era of Netflix, YouTube or other social media sides. People are more interested in e-versions of almost everything, especially the young generation. TV screen now takes a back seat. The focus shifts to mobile screens. The digital screen seems to be the page of the future and all ideas seem to revolve around it.

With the changing needs, agencies are increasingly diversifying the content to create awareness, generate leads and traffic. According to strategy analysts, digital advertising is the fastest growing medium which has no sign to slow down.

The consumers now spend plenty of time in the digital platforms. Even, they research on different sites before buying a product. Digital technology is giving them tools to be more focused and strategic in terms of buying products. So, it becomes a need for the brands to present in digital space by creating unique content and ideas.

It is such a strong medium that it repeatedly hits in people’s mind and generates a recall factor. They may not like your campaign but they never ignore it. Through SEO and PPC you can put your brand in front of consumers at their every stage of buying. Moreover, any content cannot be limited in one page or 30 seconds like the traditional mediums. It can be shared in various platforms which make it easy to reach potential customers who can be interested in buying your product.

Even though digital advertising is growing popularity, print advertising is not entirely dead. The fact is traditional mediums are still very relevant. The drawback of digital advertising is there’s too much content competing with each other for the consumer’s attention. So consumers will get distracted easily.

But whatever the downside of digital media has, it will be the major communication medium in the future. Market conditions are changing very fast and digital campaigns can be executed quickly than traditional mediums.

Digital adverting is definitely the game changer in the present era. But whether print media is out and done with, seems to be the great debate of this time. Whether it is traditional or digital, the key factor is the content should be attractive and impressive that stand out from the crowd and sting in consumers’ mind.

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