5 Ways To Keep Your TG Hooked To Your Brand With Print and Online Advertisements

Posted by Sting Communications on May 28, 2019 in Advertising

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We have been encircled by brand bombardment every second of our modern existence. Advertising today is everywhere, on TV, in newspapers, outdoors and on the internet. Brands are everywhere trying to sell goods and services. But the big question is how many brands are successful in maintaining a decent recall in the memory of the consumers? It is a very minimal percentage. According to some accounts, it is as low as 3% of all ads that we see each day. It is indeed a struggle for advertisers to create memorable lasting impressions in the minds of the consumer.

Here are five broad ways to keep it on top of the mind recall.

1. Pay Attention to The Layout

As someone sees any ad, the general mindset is of rejection and he is in a hurry to turn the page and move on. Every second he spends on seeing the ad is vital and it is of the high likelihood that nothing leaves a lasting impression on his mind. The challenge of holding him to the ad depends on how you lay out your communication. As the human eye is attracted towards neatness and clutter repels the eye, we must keep the layout clean. The layout must be such that it is able to drag the eye to the point of interest where you talk about the benefit. Once your target audience sees a benefit, it is of the high likelihood that he will spend a few more seconds reviewing his benefit.

2. Give Out One Strong Message

The communication in your ad must give out one strong message that will talk about the benefit of the consumer. Instead of creating a plethora of offers, one must be careful to design the communication in such a way that it will just generate one strong message or offer. This will not confuse the consumer and he will get a clear message about what is being offered to him and what is his benefit.

3. Pay Attention to Brand Colour

The brand colour reminds you of the brand. To use the tag line by a paint company and describe this, we can say – ‘whenever you see brand colour think of us’. This truly helps in recall. There are certain colours that make you think of certain brands. You cannot imagine Coca-Cola in anything except red. Try to use your brand colours in your layouts. Like in TV commercials, they make the characters in the ads wear a brand colour dress. This takes care of the colour balance in your layout and also makes a valuable attempt in slow but steadily registering the brand colour in the minds of the consumer.

4. Be Creative in The Design

Try to go a little overboard in your design. The unusual will catch your attention quickly. Humans follow a natural instinct of curiosity and will try to investigate any unusual thing that they come across. Though you must be selective in being creative, the creative dosage of your design must consider the target group and the nature of the product that your brand is selling.

5. Talk Smart

Indian advertising has not yet reached the platform where subtle communication will have as much effect. Mass advertising that goes around actually is too much afraid that the consumers may not understand the message and try to be bold and in that effort, sometimes ugly in the layout design. But one must remember the age-old advertising proverb – ‘the customer is not a fool, she is your wife.’ The message in the creative design must be clear but smart. It must give the consumer some space to use his intellect. The tone of voice that your ad uses must sound beneficial to the consumer. It will definitely create the desired impact.

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