Consumers Evaluate Identical Products Based on How Sharp The Branding Is

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The market is full of competition. There are several identical products in the market. When it’s time to choose, consumers get confused. They research before deciding what to buy. In most of the cases, consumer behavior depends on branding. How well the product or service is presented to them! They evaluate on basis of look, price, facility, and availability.

So, you have to do something different that creates a recall factor. Only then the customers are interested to acknowledge your brand whenever they decide to buy a product.

Many factors depend before consumers carry out their buying process.

Problem Recognition

Why does someone need to buy a product? The consumer realizes she has an unfulfilled wish or want. To satisfy their need they make a buying decision. Suppose a woman needs to buy a chimney to get rid of oil and smoke from her kitchen.


After making a decision of buying consumers start research. They gather information relevant to their problem. Like, the woman who wants to buy chimney, she studies the different brand and the functions of different chimneys. The woman may inquire another person who she knows using the product.


Now it’s time to evaluate. In this stage, consumers sort out brands that can fulfill their specific wants according to their financial resource and preference. In our example, the woman chooses two brands based on price, look, and facilities.


Now the consumer takes the purchasing decision. This final decision is taken based on facilities, availability, service, and pricing. Like, the woman finally decides to buy a particular brand’s chimney because its price, facilities, and service are better than the other one.

So, we can conclude that the buying decision is totally based on branding. For successful branding, the brand must understand the needs and want of its targeted audience. In this process, the first and foremost step is creating awareness. As soon as your brand gets recognition, people easily identify your product or service. Whenever they take a buying decision to satisfy their needs, your brand’s name comes first in their mind.  Proper branding and awareness give you loyal customers.

The more the brand emotionally connects the audience the more they get attracted. Your consumers must connect on an emotional level with your brand. When they find it relatable with their needs, only then they get more interested in buying your brand.

The branding should have uniqueness that sting in consumers’ mind, which differentiates it with other similar brands. Then only consumers develop trust and believe.

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