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Posted by Sting Communications on July 24, 2019 in Advertising


In this competitive age, advertisement is a must for any company. Without any doubt, it’s an essential tool to promote a product or service. You need attractive ads to stand out in the market. The message should convey the uniqueness that differentiates you from others. An effective ad has the power to attract consumers. It’s necessary to give importance to visual appeal. Besides, creating awareness about the existence of a new product or service, good ads arouses the interest among consumers.

The visual plays a very important role as people first notice that. It should depict a clear message of what the brand wants to sell. If your brand fails to create a proper visual appeal then the consumer simply ignores and chooses some other brand.  The visual appeal is a key feature that creates a lasting impression on your consumers’ mind. Without arousing interest, creating demand is impossible.

Basically, impressive ads control consumers’ buying decision. Besides, making them purchasing your product or service, it’s equally important to make them stick to your brand. So, maintaining continuity gives you a loyal customer. From the colour to display, a striking ad increases interest.

If you want to attract your consumer you have to maintain the consistency. It plays a crucial part to create a strong visual appeal. Consistency is one of the most important strategies for marketing a brand. It determines the identity of your brand. A proper consistency can differentiate your brand with others. Consistent use of visuals strengthens your brand’s identity. Like, consistent use of brand colour, logo or other element establishes your brand’s identity in the market and people can easily recall the brand’s name by a single glance.

Like consistency, colour is another important part responsible to create a brand’s identity. Colour is powerful enough to influence consumer’s buying behavior. Colours have the power to convey the inner meaning of what the brand wants to portray. People generally evaluate something by its look and they first notice the colour. That’s why it takes lots of thinking while working on colour for a brand. So, choosing the right colour for every design and advertising can successfully draw consumers towards your brand.

Don’t forget about the composition. The proper arrangement and placement of every element can be very influential to enhance visual interest. A balanced layout is easier to understand. People can instantly relate and get what the brand wants to sell.

But these things are not enough to boost demand. You need to create a recall factor. Repeated ads manipulate brand perception. It builds trust and customers recognise the brand. They choose your brand to make their purchase.

So, the basic thing is, a good and appealing ad can change consumers’ buying mood. The concept, the visual, the message have to be strong enough to create interest. Only then it stings in consumers’ mind.

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