5 Ways to Create A Story for Your Brand

Posted by Sting Communications on June 18, 2020 in Advertising

Model Image Courtesy: StockEdge Campaign created by Sting Communications 2019

The most important business decision you are ever going to make is how you decide to introduce your brand to the world. What is the primary objective behind creating a brand?
The blue print of the brand story must be clear while the copywriters and art directors start working on developing creative communication for your brand. The brand story contains moving parts and they play a very effective role in meeting the goals that are set from time to time. Market research is one such important moving part in taking the brand story ahead.
Developing a brand story requires investment in time, energy and portion of your marketing budget. Following are five critical analysis of how to develop a story for your brand.
1. Communicate creatively: Develop a distinctive creative style for all your brand communications. You could choose, humor, for example to be the base of all your communication needs. But you must keep in mind the taste of the target audience and take care not to hurt their sentiments.
2. Keep in mind the long term goals: While creating a brand story, you must keep in mind how the brand will shape out in the years to come. Pay enough attention to how much room you allow for growth in the future.
3. Long term appeals: Use of imagination is important here, because as the brand story unfolds to the consumers over time, they will retain imagery of your brand in their minds. This can be in form of colour, style or typical pictures. Your brand name will be attached to that image in the consumers’ mind in the long run.
4. Re-invent: Sometimes you fear to break-off from the brand legacy as it might create distortion in consumers’ minds. But careful rebuilding on the brand story can emphasize both the classic feel of your established brand while nurturing modern usage of your products. Photo heavy social site like Instagram can be very helpful in this.

5. Be responsive: Create your brand story about being more humane. Talk to your customers, your critics and make them understand your point of view. Take careful note of your marketing channels, especially on social media where your presence can bring about great changes on how your brand story goes down with your customers.
These are the five key notes that can be taken into consideration while developing a brand story. It is time to think about whom you assign for this very important marketing aspect of your growing business. Just any design agency can ruin your prospective strategy for development. You need to pick well.
Sting Communications can be a great choice for your brand. In business for over twelve years, Sting has a niche clientele and takes utmost care about each and every piece of communication that rolls out from their stable. At Sting, we believe every word spoken and swear on our creative abilities to muster great brand stories that will make your brand soar into un-limiting possibilities.
Model Image Courtesy: StockEdge Campaign created by Sting Communications 2019

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