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Posted by Sting Communications on June 22, 2020 in Advertising

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Advertising communication is a much localized affair. You have to sell your products on a local platform of a store. Even in this digital era, when we talk of getting connected with the global thoughts, we still want to localize those global ideas into locally relevant things. So, big brands tend to talk local. Remember the ‘Panch Rupiya’ campaign by Coke starring Amir Khan? They had made a smaller packaging and tried to sell it to semi urban India. So the tone of voice was set accordingly. Now, TV promotion has caught up with the idea of vernacular long back. Here the idea dose not only mean vernacular language, but also thinking in local vernacular terms. What is relevant is southern India might not be something anybody can think of in Punjab. So the language changed, the thought process changed and big brands became household local brands. As an extension to this idea, the packaging of the products also changed. Now the brand names appeared in vernacular. Again Coke remains a prominent example. Coke, Bislery all have brand names written in vernacular. Many more are sure to follow.

Films like #hindimedium and #englishmedium also greatly promotes the idea that boasts one’s vernacular existence. And this is rapidly gaining popular sentiments.

On the digital platform, social media have quickly become localized affair with many vernacular apps that help you communicate in vernacular. But still the handling of those apps is not easy so some of us are still comfortable in the English alphabet vernacular writing. This becomes Greek for most others who don’t speak the language! Now when it comes to digital advertising by brands, here local and small businesses are of consideration, as most big businesses publish their ATL videos for promotion. Small businesses, on the other hand rely on jpg images for brand communication. And they mostly use English as a favoured language. In the process, they loose the valuable vernacular audience. Though some may argue that in a country like India and in places like our metro cities, the target is largely cosmopolitan and English is the right language to communicate. But here a bilingual approach works well. And you win a great connect with the vernacular audience which is the larger part of that particular society. One problem of a bilingual approach is that a thought can seldom be narrated with all pun intended ideas in a different language. All the fun and the pun seem to vanish in other languages where it was originally not thought up. Sometimes it can lead to disastrous results.

Sting Communications offers you just the platform to build your brand in vernacular language across platforms. It is important on how well toned the language skills are. That can create wonders in brand communication. Careful attention to our work will give a clear idea how we have succeeded in playing with our language to do great pieces of communication. In most cases it is Bengali, as we are based out of Kolkata. But we definitely can gather much needed momentum in Hindi as well.

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