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Inspired ideas – not always a bad thing

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Talking with clients, we often get a reaction, “check out similar company websites with the same kind of products, we need something like that!” The above line is a great turn off for any creative person. When we are designing a brand that will sell, we try to keep a fresh mind and try to
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Special Day Posts – how relevant are they to specific clients

design on special day post. doctors day celebration

The world has now shifted to digital. All your smiles, all your tears have gone digital. The generation loves to chat with typed words on whatsapp rather than talking over the phone. Good or bad, this digital generation has certainly affected clients who want to reach out to their customers. Now what can be a
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The art of wasteful taste – advertising ideas

right advertising matters

I once read about a client agency interaction from the halcyon days of British advertising in the 1970s. There was this meeting between the client and the agency principal who was pitching for the business. There was this need from the agency end to ask a few questions regarding business to the client MD. The
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My lessons in Brand Management: How deeply I wanted to do this – Satabdi Saha


To be very frank and honest, I know nothing much about the branding jargon. But being in love with what you do make you teach you the essentials very quickly. And how I learned and recognized the necessities of the first brand that I came in touch with. It is Sting Communications -my work place
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Think. Research. Create. Repeat My life in an agency


Like many of you, I will be transitioning into the “real world”, as I start my first real job. I’m satisfied with everything I accomplished in the last 4 years of my life, pursuing what I wanted not knowing how well I would fare at that. But today I’m writing about my experience working for
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