Inspired ideas – not always a bad thing

Posted by Sting Communications on July 6, 2021 in Advertising, Agency Life

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Talking with clients, we often get a reaction, “check out similar company websites with the same kind of products, we need something like that!”

The above line is a great turn off for any creative person. When we are designing a brand that will sell, we try to keep a fresh mind and try to find new ways to attract customers. Try to give a unique description about the brand and not copy the competition. Of course we will study competition, not only in websites but also in the live market, do a capsule research and try to find what the competition is not doing in the market so that we have our unique brand positioning. That is definitely how things should happen. But now uniqueness is the last thing on people’s minds. Clients just want to copy the idea from the competition and get going with it. Establishing itself as a ‘me too’ brand.

Digital driven markets are fast. Things change quickly before you can realize the effects of a decision taken for the brand. Consistency is the last thing on the mind. We always want to see some fresh colours and designs on our digital pages. People would get bored otherwise they say. Now it is much easier to command the branding agency to create something different, rather than doing research to find out what the customers need and what is the best way to invoke their interest. Who has time for all that!

Nowadays, with a palm full of a smart gadget, we care empowered to find out what others are doing and it is easy to get on at copying that. Now after a few months when this doesn’t work, go to another option. Again search up the internet for a website that suits our fancy. Brand agencies, advertising professionals are buffoons who mostly talk rubbish. And I, the client, know the customer best. I know what colours they like, what language they understand, what medium I would communicate. The agency will follow my orders. Although there are sensible people out there who understand the meaning of partnership with the branding agency, we have been able to carter quite a few at Sting communications. But we can sense a dangerous inclination towards our fears.

Now is copying always bad? Can’t we borrow good ideas? The world we know today has emerged like that. Talking up good ideas and implementing them in our lives. Now that is inspiration. Everyone gets inspired. From great artists to writers to business icons, all need inspiration to move forward with their own creation. Here, the word creation is very important. We need to create something first andf then give it better values through inspiration from others.

But when talking about brand marketing, the idea is very different. You need to be different with your own uniqueness to attract customers.  It is very important to first identify the right customers you are targeting and then talk to them. About their likes and dislikes. Then you will find your brand in a great position to sell. Most internet surfing clients often land up in websites dealing with similar products and try to copy paste. Without understanding the market. A brand in Mumbai will have a different communication tone of voice than a one in Chennai. Or Kolkata for that matter. We need to understand the local first and then find a national voice if we intend to go pan India.

We have been relentless in trying to find brand solutions that create that advertisting! A sting in the consumers’ mind. With the right kind of messages. Just give us a call. We are ever ready.

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