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Posted by Sting Communications on June 12, 2021 in Advertising

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What are mnemonics?

Remember Gattu? The short and lovable painter who coloured our walls with Asian Paints? Well, he has retired. But not before making Asian Paints a true multinational. All of us can recall Fido, the prankster who moved around with a bottle of 7up. He was retired but came back to service when the brand was in dire need. The Amul butter girl and the line ‘utterly butterly delicious’ is still going strong even after fifty years. They are all visual mnemonics. They serve brands and generate recall with a sting in the minds of the consumers.

Sticking to strict grammar, a mnemonic is any learning technique that aids memory. It can be a set of words, a picture, a character, rhymes or even audio music – that distinctive music of Britania biscuits at the end of all ads.

Our mind is trained to register meaningful data. But the golden phrase here is – ‘shorter, the sweeter’. It is easy to process interesting data that is short. So, it would be great if we could concise the brand essence in simple visual or text it will have great retentive value. Constant use throughout all marketing mix channels will facilitate instant recognition of a particular brand.

Our own brand Sting has got its own mnemonic ‘advertisting’. We are trying to create a recall that we at Sting create brand advertisements that sting the consumers’ mind so that they take notice of the message.

How can you create a successful mnemonic?

A mnemonic must be such an element that somewhat neutralizes the seriousness of the logo and adds fun element to the brand while describing the brand intentions in a single visual or line. It will help the consumers to recall larger pieces of information through short verbal or non-verbal connections. It will help people to create a brand perception. It will also give the brand a personality and generate emotional attachment among the users making them loyal to the brand. And finally turning them to fans.

The mnemonic must match the brand personality and appear as one unit alongside the brand logo. Over the period of time it will be associated with the brand and remain its exclusive property.

If you want to create a successful mnemonic for your brand that creates a #sting in the consumers mind, get in touch with us. We are ever ready. Check out our website and find out how we have worked with mnemonics for our clients.

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