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sting communications take on world population day

A long tail of our fellow citizens emerges from any place where you want to reach. You have to wait. You have to join the queue and make that tail longer still. You will sometimes try to figure out how long this wait can be. You do mental calculations. And average Indian brains are designed for such calculations. How long each person is spending at the counter and how many persons are ahead of you. If there are two queues side by side, you quickly calculate the time of reaching the counter first in each queue and decide on which queue you will join. All these calculations and suddenly the line you are in halts. Either the counter machine has malfunctioned or the person at the counter has left for the washroom. You helplessly see the other queue move quickly, while you inch forward.

We have to line up for almost anything in life. You need to buy grocery; you wait at the billing counter. You need to buy clothes, you line up in front of the trial room. And you need to line up everywhere. At the auto stand, at the metro ticket counter, at the bus stand, everywhere you go, there is a queue.  The wait is long, boring yet compulsory in most cases.

World Population Day: July 11.

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