Special Day Posts – how relevant are they to specific clients

Posted by Sting Communications on July 1, 2021 in Agency Life, Design

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The world has now shifted to digital. All your smiles, all your tears have gone digital. The generation loves to chat with typed words on whatsapp rather than talking over the phone. Good or bad, this digital generation has certainly affected clients who want to reach out to their customers. Now what can be a more easy way than posting a whatsapp message and something on FB or Insta. Instant connect! And the easiest tool to do this is posting something on special days. Now I find every day is a special day for some reason or the other. Sometimes there are more than just one on the same date. To the Americans it is special for something and to the Indians it is special for something else. As we all follow Google calendar and reminders, we mix up and end up posting for the Americans in India without much relevance. Even if we are careful enough and post things that are relevant, we end up losing our focus on the goal we try to achieve by all this. As marketers we are not collage kids who can use the social media to their will and post whatever they feel like. It is important to understand the relevance of any social media communication with the product you want to sell to your customers.  Now if you are a brick manufacturer and you want a post on Valentine’s Day. The copywriter might twist and turn words to match the product with the content he has written but it is far from relevant. A medical company wishing on doctors day is very relevant. Of course doctors day is now a worldwide phenomenon with everyone wanting to wish the Covid Heros. Again, Americans celebrate Doctors day on a different day, March 30th to be precise, while we Indian celebrate the day on July 1st being the birth and death day of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Now in the haste of doing things, many companies have wished doctors on March 30th. As I told you, we use the Google calendar for convenience!

We recommend you use your special day posts wisely. There are a lot of days to celebrate things and people who have real relevance with your product. Use those days to wish all your customers instead of jumping in the bandwagon.

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