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Mnemonic – Making brand bonds stronger

sting communications mnemonic

If you want to create a successful mnemonic for your brand that creates a #sting in the consumers mind, get in touch with us. We are ever ready. Check out our website www.stingcommunications.co.in and find out how we have worked with mnemonics for our clients.

Advantages of local language communication

contempoary bengali with pun intended

Advertising communication is a much localized affair. You have to sell your products on a local platform of a store. Even in this digital era, when we talk of getting connected with the global thoughts, we still want to localize those global ideas into locally relevant things. So, big brands tend to talk local. Remember
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Advertising is meant to Connect

Sting_Feb_Post_600 x 600

Creating great designs for advertising means it must ring a bell in the minds of your targeted audience. The benefit that they will get from the product or service advertised must be very clear in their minds. This is what you call a sting in the consumers’ mind. In this era of advertising bombardment all
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