about us

Meet the guys behind the ideas

Hard work. Fun.
Great results.

That’s what we are all about. With a little bit of other things mixed in for good measure.

We are real people with real passion for advertising and creative design for marketing that not only looks great but most importantly makes a real difference to your business.

Our tightly-knit team is down-to-earth. You’ll rarely catch us in formals, trying to be something we’re not. You will not find us speaking marketing jargons but you will find us listening carefully to the challenges your business faces, then suggesting a whole bunch of ideas that will help.

We call this approach ‘creative nirvanna’ where we try and analyse the problem as an outsider and then do deep soul searching to find an answer from deep inside. This works well for us and our clients – two of whom are still with us from the start, 10 years later!


Where will you find us
Fern Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata

This home painting services company had a unique problem. They dealt with colours. They loved them all. When they painted your home, they loved yourwala shade of green ro red or blue or pink. They painted my wall and they loved my shades of grey. It was a challenge to create a brand colour for them. So we choose white as a base colour and any shade of any colour but maintaining a definite shape. Their letterhead had a shade of violet and their business card had a shade of turquoise. We accomplished a colourful yet very smart looking corporate identity.

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