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5 Ways to Create A Story for Your Brand

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The most important business decision you are ever going to make is how you decide to introduce your brand to the world. What is the primary objective behind creating a brand? The blue print of the brand story must be clear while the copywriters and art directors start working on developing creative communication for your
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Putting out the fire…

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Fire. A word that has so many connotations. ‘Fire in the belly’ is that emotional stamina that is so much needed for success. No one seeks for its literary meaning – hunger! When you are on fire, you are intense and excited. People will seldom think you are burning! Fire, out of all the elements
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A Carefully Drafted Copy Hits


Words are stronger and powerful than the sword. It is the most effective weapon to hit the mind of a human being. So, it is important to choose words carefully to make a positive impact on someone’s mind. When it comes to ad copy, words play a vital role. Actually, visual and copy is interrelated.
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Good Ads Attract


In this competitive age, advertisement is a must for any company. Without any doubt, it’s an essential tool to promote a product or service. You need attractive ads to stand out in the market. The message should convey the uniqueness that differentiates you from others. An effective ad has the power to attract consumers. It’s
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Consumers Evaluate Identical Products Based on How Sharp The Branding Is


The market is full of competition. There are several identical products in the market. When it’s time to choose, consumers get confused. They research before deciding what to buy. In most of the cases, consumer behavior depends on branding. How well the product or service is presented to them! They evaluate on basis of look,
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5 Ways To Keep Your TG Hooked To Your Brand With Print and Online Advertisements

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We have been encircled by brand bombardment every second of our modern existence. Advertising today is everywhere, on TV, in newspapers, outdoors and on the internet. Brands are everywhere trying to sell goods and services. But the big question is how many brands are successful in maintaining a decent recall in the memory of the
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Advertising is The Backbone of Brand Building


It’s important for a company to build a positive connection with its consumers. Communication with your target audience is really necessary to aware them of your brand. Not all companies become successful to establish their own identity in the competitive market, but a strong brand makes the difference. Consumers find similar products or services for
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Digital Advertising is A Game Changer

evolving mediums

Change is the only constant factor when we talk about time. Communication is no exception. In this century the traditional mediums of communication have experienced a dramatic shift. A cup of tea and a newspaper…there was a time when this couple was our everyday morning partner. Our day was incomplete without the morning newspaper. Also,
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Smart Strategy Builds Super Brands


What is advertising strategy? simply put, it is the manner in which communication for any brand is carried out. Strategy depends heavily on the product we are dealing in. Who are the right targeted audience for such product. Who will act on seeing the advertisement. What is their demographics? What is their psycho-graphics? So the
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Get That Punch With The Big Idea

Big Idea with a punch

When thinking of advertisement of a particular brand the first thing that comes in our mind which concept attracts the target audience. It should be like something different that engages the people. A strong message is important to connect the audience. Here comes the Big Idea that delivers the right punch to put across the
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