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Inspired ideas – not always a bad thing

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Talking with clients, we often get a reaction, “check out similar company websites with the same kind of products, we need something like that!” The above line is a great turn off for any creative person. When we are designing a brand that will sell, we try to keep a fresh mind and try to
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Special Day Posts – how relevant are they to specific clients

design on special day post. doctors day celebration

The world has now shifted to digital. All your smiles, all your tears have gone digital. The generation loves to chat with typed words on whatsapp rather than talking over the phone. Good or bad, this digital generation has certainly affected clients who want to reach out to their customers. Now what can be a
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The art of wasteful taste – advertising ideas

right advertising matters

I once read about a client agency interaction from the halcyon days of British advertising in the 1970s. There was this meeting between the client and the agency principal who was pitching for the business. There was this need from the agency end to ask a few questions regarding business to the client MD. The
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Understanding social trends…They do affect the marketplace

social trends matter for marketing

The world has changed. The world got smaller and smaller until it fitted our palm. And as the world got smaller, our imagination went on to become bigger and bigger. It made most us more aware about the world around us. And we started to have our own opinions about all other things that are
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Mnemonic – Making brand bonds stronger

sting communications mnemonic

If you want to create a successful mnemonic for your brand that creates a #sting in the consumers mind, get in touch with us. We are ever ready. Check out our website www.stingcommunications.co.in and find out how we have worked with mnemonics for our clients.

Brand personality – how to create the ‘sting’ that delivers

brand personality

Brand. The word is almost a common word not only to English but many vernacular languages. Actually it is difficult to replace the word brand with exactly the same meaning in many vernacular languages. The translations would seem ridiculous. I remember a prominent footwear brand that once had this idea of publishing a Bengali ad
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A Carefully Drafted Copy Hits


Words are stronger and powerful than the sword. It is the most effective weapon to hit the mind of a human being. So, it is important to choose words carefully to make a positive impact on someone’s mind. When it comes to ad copy, words play a vital role. Actually, visual and copy is interrelated.
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Good Ads Attract


In this competitive age, advertisement is a must for any company. Without any doubt, it’s an essential tool to promote a product or service. You need attractive ads to stand out in the market. The message should convey the uniqueness that differentiates you from others. An effective ad has the power to attract consumers. It’s
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Advertising is The Backbone of Brand Building


It’s important for a company to build a positive connection with its consumers. Communication with your target audience is really necessary to aware them of your brand. Not all companies become successful to establish their own identity in the competitive market, but a strong brand makes the difference. Consumers find similar products or services for
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Digital Advertising is A Game Changer

evolving mediums

Change is the only constant factor when we talk about time. Communication is no exception. In this century the traditional mediums of communication have experienced a dramatic shift. A cup of tea and a newspaper…there was a time when this couple was our everyday morning partner. Our day was incomplete without the morning newspaper. Also,
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