Understanding social trends…They do affect the marketplace

Posted by Sting Communications on June 16, 2021 in Advertising

social trends matter for marketing

The world has changed. The world got smaller and smaller until it fitted our palm. And as the world got smaller, our imagination went on to become bigger and bigger. It made most us more aware about the world around us. And we started to have our own opinions about all other things that are visible. Today, news is not limited to television which is carefully filtered and in many cases opinionated. Today it is like if you have your opinion, I have mine and let’s fight it out on TV! News channel debates are simply reality shows that keep you engaged without you being able to come to a conclusive decision about any topic. All remains is a very confused you. But that is not the concern of any brand owner, except for the fact, which channel gets more TRP, so that you can place your ads wisely.

The important thing that brand owners and brand managers must realize is the fact that social media has been key in creating a huge opinion base about products and brands. It is ‘word of mouth’ as we traditionally knew. Now it is the ‘word of fingers.’ It is the social media mania that has taken over the younger generation and even older up to date people. Two selfies, one in the morning another in the night has become compulsory for many. You can skip meals but cannot skip your selfie! Now this generation of ardent social media believers has made Companies jump into action flooding the pages of Insta and FB Twitter with ads. But as I mentioned, opinions are always countered by more opinions. Your opinion and my view fill the data space. This makes people cynical about products and the Companies behind them. This generation saw virtually everything becoming commoditized so what became more important is the way corporations behaved. ‘Was this the Company I would work for? Do their values match my thoughts? Do they have a worldview that I would admire?’ So now the consumers are thinking beyond products and the physical benefits arising out of it. It is time to carefully chalk out the mantra of ‘emotional branding’ for the respective brands. Careful study of the consumer behavior in the social arena and their likes and dislikes are very important for designing branding ads.   One viral idea can blow a brand out of proportions. But ‘viral’ cannot be defined by advertising laws. All we need to do is consistent branding.

We work in this direction of consistency. If you want to create consistent brands that are admired and followed, work with us. We create sting in the consumers’ minds with communications that will take your brands beyond expectations of your brand managers. Call us for a discussion on ‘advertisting’! We are ever ready.

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